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Lovely person. Fantastic psychic medium

Known Bernie for a few years. She is a lovely warm kind person. Had a few readings with her which have been very accurate. My daughter (non believer) got message through from her deceased friend at one of Bernie's shows. So accurate brought her to tears and convinced her of afterlife. Love this lady xx

Submitted by Glenda on Friday, Jun 30, 2017

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Special & accurate reading

I had my first reading with Bernie back in 2005. It was a very moving experience as I going through a very hard time in my life. The reading was accurate, loving and inspiring. I liked the fact it wasn't "fortune telling" reading. It felt genuine and Bernie works on a deep spiritual level. For that reason I kept recommending Bernie to everyone who needed a good reading. The feedback was never disappointing! All my friends and colleagues loved it.

Submitted by Claudia Da Silva on Friday, Jun 30, 2017

Our amazing son

We lost our son six years ago as a mother i have never been so lost and terrified in my life.Loads of unanswered questions.i had never met Bernie before but she understood and answered most of them. She is one of the nicest caring people i have met.I trust her implicitly . The relief of hearing Scott talk to his dad and i through Bernie as enabled me to lead some sort of life. She is the best. x

Submitted by Mandy Mcculloch on Friday, Jun 30, 2017

Very special medium

I have known Bernie for a number of years. She has always been consistent, caring, empathic, reliable and uncannily accurate. I was President of a spiritualist church for some years and she came to us many times with wonderful evidential messages. I am a fellow medium, and so I can recognise in this way just how good she is. She has done numerous workshops and courses, and always encourages others to develop and grow. If you wanted to describe the perfect spiritual person, she's it.

Submitted by Mary Evans on Friday, Jun 30, 2017

Magical moments

I have had the pleasure of seeing Bernie quite a few times when she has visited Swindon on her tours but my greatest pleasure of all was a 1-1 reading my daughter and I attended. The messages came thick and fast and my daughter and I left Bernie feeling a million dollars. I can't quite find the words to describe Bernie and her gift so I'll just call it magical.

Submitted by Faye Parker on Friday, Jun 30, 2017

Most Accurate Medium

Over the years I have been to many many mediums, even went to see Sally Morgan. I can honestly say that Bernie's audience shows are sincere, accurate, patient & thoughful. She also has that element of fun & constantly gives out good, happy vibes. I was so impressed I would travel to see Bernie for a 1-2-1 meeting. She gave me a spot on reading on my mum who past 10 months ago & also had a connection with my nan, mentioning carbolick soap & a tin bath on the wall & an outside toilet where we used to live. These are just a few of the spot on accuracies she received & delivered so kindly. She also received the energy from my friends little girl who passed very young & described the tinterbell on her headstone & the ballerina dress she was buried in. We drove home in a mesmerised daze but very happy one. Thank you Bernie

Submitted by Wendy Pick (woo) on Friday, Jun 30, 2017

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