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If you are a professional Medium, please choose one of our packages. Your listing will be approved after we have carried out our due diligence. If you are a person who is grieving or studying the afterlife, please choose the afterlife membership.
Mediums Please Note

In order to become a member of this exclusive platform, you have to fulfill the following conditions or recommended by another member; If you have not been recommended or can prove the conditions below, then you will not be approved. We carry out due diligence on every applicant.

  • You must have a history of working as a professional medium not necessarily a church
  • You must have extensive training in mediumship at a church, center or known tutor
  • You must have an online presence, ie website or social profile we can verify
  • You must agree to be randomly tested at any time. 
  • You Can't Join A Public Level and Promote Yourself as A Medium, this is unfair to our mediums who are verified and have paid to use the system. Our support staff checks every application.

If you match these requirements, you will be welcome.

Certified or Credentialed Mediums Within 

The Following organizations have immediate approval

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  • Professional Mediums & Centers
    • $150 / year
    • High Priority
    • List in 5 Mediumship Categories
    • Publish Link To Website
    • Publish Phone Number
    • Publish Testimonials
    • Publish Articles
    • Publish Videos
    • Discount Coupons
    • Publish Podcasts
    • Publish Events
    • Sell Your Books or Cd's
    • Teach Online Lessons
    • Accept Bookings
  • Spiritualist Churches
    • Free
    • High Priority
    • Multiple Categories
    • Book Mediums For Events
    • Church Events
    • Church Workshops
    • Publish Articles
    • Testimonials
    • Church Videos
    • Audio Lessons
    • Event Coupons
    • Church Products
    • Private Contact
    • Multiple Church Profiles
  • Afterlife Public Members/Circles
    • Free
    • Lessons
    • Experiences
    • Book Mediums
    • Free Webinars
    • Listen To Audio
    • Ask A Medium
    • Find A Circle
    • Advertise A Circle
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