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Print Posted 10/02/2016 in Afterlife Connect News

Medium Reviews

Medium Reviews

Nowadays, everyone checks online for a review before making a purchase and the reason behind it is one of due diligence, to make sure that you are not going to be ripped off. However, the truth is that only a small percentage of reviews are legitimate online and this is why we have gone one step beyond when looking for medium reviews.

False reviews are notorious and come from people hiring others to write reviews for products on amazon or even books or perhaps giving something away for reviews of a book, product or service. Then there is the worst type of bought review from foreigners who really do not understand the product, service or individual behind it. Writing a review is so easy and having reviews written about yourself or service is even easier. Consequently, you can really only believe perhaps 40 percent of reviews online as being legitimate. There is also the problem of having negative reviews done about you via a competitor or someone who just dislikes you. It is very hard to trust reviews.

Our Psychic Medium Reviews Are Trustworthy

Quite a bold claim to make but nonetheless very valid. When we built the afterlife connect platform, we wanted to make sure that we did not mislead the greater public and so we built some fail safe practices and technology to ensure that reviews received were legitimate and were from real people. Not only that; The content of the reviews were valid and actually belonged on the page. 

We do this by a systematic approach to verification via our algorithm built into the system and human intervention on every review sent in. To further make this approach even more valid, we continually tweak the process to ensure that all psychic medium reviews on the site are of the highest ethical truth and integrity. Since starting, we have removed countless false reviews because they were caught trying to breach our system. This means that when you are trying to find a medium near you, that you will only be faced with professionals and when perusing their medium reviews, you will know they are real and have been verified by human intelligence, thus protecting you from being misled in any way.

Mediumship Reviews Times Ten

You can be guaranteed that when you read one testimonial that's good there will equally be just as many good ones from the same medium that have not been posted as not every single person or group will write a review of a medium. Our medium review system is built for the members of the public who try to find a psychic medium for a reading and also fro those who have experienced professional mediumship. 

How is a Psychic Medium Reviewed

Firstly and foremost, you have the option not to review the medium at all. However, a medium will send you a written letter that is automatically generated from our system. When you decide to write a review and go to the review section of the site to write it, that's when all the security and verification practices begin. 

We check the review is coming from a legitimate person

The review goes through our system and flags if anything is wrong 

The content is checked

The review has to be accepted by our system 

The review has to be approved 

After Approval, it will show.

This is the very basic practice of dealing with the review and this is tweaked and added to on a continual basis.

Reputable Mediums

Of course, it all starts with real reputable mediums. We are delighted that we don't have thousands of mediums for you to choose from because that would be just like a market day and that's not what we want. We make sure all our mediums and professional and have a verifiable history before they even get invited to afterlife connect. In order to find a reputable medium, you must go beyond just looking at the medium's reviews and the process can take a long time and involve a lot of work. In this regard, we completed all that work for you and choose our mediums or more appropriately carry out our due diligence to make sure you only find reputable mediums who really are passionate about service.

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