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Print Posted 05/07/2017 in Afterlife Connections

Medium Psychic

Medium Psychic

Medium Psychic or Should It be Medium's or Psychic's

When one thinks about psychic mediums or psychics it often conjures varied images of both; pardon the deliberate pun if you will. To understand each and what benefits you would get from one or the other, you need to understand your needs and how they may be supported. There is an old saying "Not all psychic's are mediums but all mediums are psychic," and this statement has a modicum of truth within the statement. First we need to understand the differences between each. Neither one is better than another and each has its unique abilities for service to those who would need them.

If you are looking for life guidance, you would require a psychic!

Many individuals are often looking for life guidance, in terms of love and relationships or work issues and the general malaise of modern life. That particular individual would possibly benefit from a psychic reading to help gain some guidance. The psychic would read the individual using such tools as tarot, runes, cards, crystals and many more tools. However, one must understand it is not these tools that work, but the psychic who is able to tap into the energy of the individual and use the tools as a way to focus and harness that natural ability. 

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misconceptions with psychic's and consequently, there are many unscrupulous people who masquerade as professional psychics in order to get money from unsuspecting individuals. For the most part, psychic's can offer a wonderful service who needs them. They may help with cases of a legal nature or help those making life-changing decisions or decisions in business.

If You are grieving or suffering through grief you would need a medium

Now this is where things get different. When an individual has lost a loved one, that person suffers through an emotional state called grief. Grief can be such a debilitating experience, and how you understand it and move through it will dictate your whole future. A medium will therefore be able to help that individual connect with loved ones on the other side of life or the afterlife as it is known - to be able to help that individual understand their loved ones continue to live on after the death of the physical body. However, just like our psychic friends, there are the pro's and the con's and a little bit of knowledge goes a long way and recognizing the fakes and frauds from the professionals. 

But how do the two differ?

An easy way to explain this is to offer an analogy using the understanding of Vibration and Chakra alignment. If you consider that a medium would be able to raise their vibration sufficiently enough to be able to go through the top chakras such as the crown and those above in order to meet with the spirit vibration of those on the other side of material life. The other attribute is that mediums are able to control and tap into all vibrational levels of all the energy vortices. 

Now a psychic, will only be able to tap into the energy of the first, secondary and tertiary levels of the energy vortices and won't be able to raise their vibration sufficiently enough to be able to commune with spirit on the other side of life. 

There will also be a difference in the level of evidence or information that is given and a trained observer can give witness to what is psychic and what is of spirit. Unfortunately, much evidence that is given and is considered from spirit is in fact psychic in nature. Spirit information is unmistakable in nature and a professionally trained and well developed medium will be able to impart that information to the individual who is suffering grief or who may have been grieving for a long time.

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