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Print Posted 08/23/2016 in Mediumship

Leo Took My Hand

Leo Took My Hand

I have never known a time that spirit were not with me, in fact it took many years to realise that everyone didn't see my friends, my mother was threatening the asylum for me, (what was one of those I wondered.?) 

The years passed by, my friends 'upstairs' continued to stay close and my favourite chap would roam the hills with me. He would ask me questions. What colour is the grass ? Green of course said, then pick a blade and we shall look closely he said. I was surprised at the number of colours in a blade of gras. He taught me - not only how to look, but how to see. He told me that in his lifetime he would watch a bird on the wing, to learn of how it gains flight. He lived to design an airplane. He showed me life under the sea; the bright and beautiful colours of the fish etc. He has never left my side in 69 years. I never knew or asked his name - Nor looked at his face. I was a child who was happy alone, I loved my spirit friends, I was safe when I was quiet.

Then Leo Took My Hands

Then came the day when LEO TOOK MY HANDS; I have never been able to draw, yet something deep inside made me think that one day I would, I still cannot personally draw, but when Leo picks up my hands, he draws amazing likenesses of family in the spirit world. Wherever in the world I go, whatever the culture, we draw their family members. Together we bring comfort to the bereaved.

Coronation Street - I Missed It

It always happened in the evening when I settled down with my post to deal with, and to watch my favourite soap - Coronation Street. 

I could never quite work out what had happened in the programme, nor could I remember any part of it. I had no knowledge of picking up a pen or pencil, and drawing parts of faces on the envelopes I had put aside for recycling. There would be an eye on one, or a mouth, an ear, a nose - I did not know I had done them. 

When I left the room to go to bed, my husband would clear up the debris I had left. It was not until one evening half way through the programme I needed to leave the room. I unknowingly put down the paper and pencil I had in my hand, and went to walk around the coffee table. As I rounded the table I saw movement, my eyes shot down to see a perfect set of human eyes looking up at me. What a shock! I had no idea where they came from, and I knew I could not draw, but my husband looked at me quite bemused -saying I had been doing this for a while, he just tidied them away assuming I knew. Given that I knew I could not draw, it had to be spirit.  I bought a sketch pad and pencil next morning on route to the hairdresser, whilst waiting for the colour to develop I must have picked up the pad and pencil, the first I knew was my hairdresser staggering backwards up the room. She had come to see what I was doing, and found herself looking at her grandfathers face drawn on the pad. Hence I found out what I was doing - drawing loved ones with spirit. Then to find out who was doing it. I asked for the name, it didn't come for weeks. Then one day I saw a face slowly crossing diagonally towards my face - giving me plenty of time to look at him. I thanked him, he was clearly dressed in the garb of an artist of many years earlier, but I had no clue who he was. 

Tarot A Clue

One day whilst talking to my daughter about tarot cards, (which I do not use), we decided to get a pack. I found some that featured clearly very old art work (I had no knowledge of art whatsoever). I could not reach them as I am only five feet tall, they were put in a bag for me, I did not look at them I just posted them off to my daughter. When she next visited she bought them with her, leaving the book of instructions on my coffee table and on it was the face of the artist who's work was featured on them. It was the face I had been clearly shown and I now knew my artists identity. I also knew I could not name him for fear of ridicule and derision, so I called him simply LEO. Refusing to acknowledge his name, suffice it to say, it does not matter who he is. The fact is he is drawing the portraits of people in spirit for audience members.

Many radio and magazine interviews later, and some six years later I was asked the question again, who is your artist, do you know? I opened my mouth to give the usual patter, when Leo very firmly said OWN ME, ooooh no said I. I will get some terrible backlash, but again he said OWN ME, trust me. So I did, But the number of years on no one is negative in any way about my work, over the now 8 years of public work, Leo and I have earned respect worldwide. 

We have travelled many thousands of miles, routinely drawing the family members in spirit and so it goes on and so much more is happening with Leo and I. Many thousands of happy people with portraits of their lost loved ones, photos later sent to me to show how close the likeness is to the photos. 

As you can imagine,I love my work with a passion. I am so very humbled and privileged to be able to do this and I hope you will find some comfort in my own story.

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