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Print Posted 07/05/2017 in Afterlife Connections

Joan of Arc as a medium.

Joan of Arc as a medium.

Joan of Arc as a medium.

There have been many throughout history that we may call, with our knowledge, Mediums. I am sure some will come to your mind.

I want to talk about Joan of Arc who by any account was hailed for her visions. The fact that she was recognised by the church and in her martyrdom made into a saint has to be one of the very few times in history when the church has made recognition of visions that so plainly have been understood as mediumistic in nature. This is also mentioned  in a book called.

“The book Modern Spiritualism and the Church of England, 1850-1939 (Studies in Modern British Religious History).”

Daniel Dunglas Home (pronounced Hume) the famous medium also recognised the gifts that Joan had as of those off mediumship as can any of us that are sensitive.

Kate Bush’s song - Joanni. Is a song  about her, as we know Kate Bush is sensitive and aware of energies. Joans story must have had an impact on her to write about her.

One of the fascinating things is that whilst we would recognise this as mediumship and premonition, and it has been acknowledged by the church by recognition of her “VISIONS” and of course her sacrifice by a highly prejudiced court, it was strangely in recognition of the gifts that had her condemned as a which and burnt, but also have given her credence for being made into a saint.

It has to be said that this is possibly the one of few times that history has given us, or more accurately “them” two bites of the cherry, both recognising that the gift of communication  with an entity was a certainty - though both assumed to be for different outcomes needed by either side, one for bad and negative and the other, complete opposite, for the good and positive and result in the championing by the mother church. It seems doesent it that at times we can have our cake and eat it. No pun intended.

What cannot be discounted or argued is that communication from an outside source had given this peasant girl from Domrémy advices, and this included military knowledge to fight battles, the chance to speak (which we could all recognise as overshadowing or trance) and premonitions. All in all both sides recognition of this gift. SO strong and clear was the overshadowing or trance that royalty and other influential people understood that something remarkable was happening and the clarity and sure-footedness of this peasant girl that so much was handed to her in terms of respect and control of an army.

It was as we might appreciate extremely profound.

It does beg the question, doesent it, that in receiving such communication, so convincingly and this acceptance of it, finally in being from God - substitute here any name you want to, why when so many others have claimed and dare I say proven to have had the same gift as good mediums prove every day, that so many have been denounced and yes like Joan burned at the stake for heresy and under witchcraft laws over the years.

This abomination has led to a strange situation. Physical recognition of the communication of “Angels” to someone outside of the church ) by that I mean not a person who was for example indoctrinated into and taught by, like Francis of Assisi or perhaps Mother Theresa in life long servitude and of course, welcomed in when it suited.

Is there any other recognised communication from spirit that has led to physical changes in the course of history? Well actually yes many. Many mediums do accept that Yeshua, Jesus of course and others who have given their names to their respective religions. 

The difference being that “Yeshua” was part of the trinity and sits closer to God than any of us (in the churches version) which is so full of mistakes and omissions (The kings James version has over 15,000 of them) and all religions are based on direct contact from spirit and corrupted by man for his own ends of course.

In this it differs greatly from Joan of Arc. Incorporated into the church, lets face it if it wasn't introduced with religious slant she would not only have had little effect but would have been burnt as a witch anyway and most probably have disappeared from from history altogether.

What makes this different is that the voices had a direct and lasting effect and the acceptance of real guidance at a time when it was sorely needed by a woman, and one at that , that only attended church rather than being schooled in one and the only obvious route if that had been the case was of course as a nun.

It is worth pondering if she had survived and continued to give messages how history itself may have been changed from a mediumistic point of view, forever.

It appears that the best outcome should have been a recognition that God is indeed in all of us and capable of expression in all kinds of ways.

Didn't Moses hear voices? Didn't so many others? Like many mediums today she was schooled or developed by a guide, for her it was archangel Micheal himself who was her main guide. 

Light, always, Leo.

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