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Print Posted 09/18/2016 in Spiritual Lessons

A Center Of Light In Florida

A Center Of Light In Florida

Our “Center of Light” began humbly as a small meditation group in Miami in 1978. Soon our Founder, Rev. F. Reed Brown, came across our group and helped us formalize towards being a metaphysical church. His mediumship spanned all aspects and was outstanding – mental, trance, physical mediumship to include direct voice, trumpets, precipitated art and materializations.

 Spiritualists today who visit our church find we are kindred spirits and very similar in teachings and beliefs. Our theological perspective on reincarnation as a possibility to consider is one way we are distinctly different.

 After 38 years of growth and change, we now reside in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we host upwards of 150 lectures, séances, and events throughout the year. Our Minister works hard to network, locate and bring in true professional mediums, healer, ministers and speakers from across the US and from abroad, especially the UK and Europe. This further enhances our teachings through solid and high-caliber teachers who can truly demonstrate our beliefs and teachings in a legitimate and even scientifically quantifiable way. We are proud to mention our status as an ASSMPI Gold level Research Center for mediumship research. www.ASSMPI.org

Our Sunday programs begin with a Spiritual Healing Service that segues into a Spiritual Hour of upbeat, celebrational, current music. After church, we regularly offer a Spirit Message Service as a way to demonstrate our understanding the “continuity of life”.  Visitors to our church come to realize that our vision statement is the core of our being: We are here to create a space that transforms lives to greatness!

Our church is one of 14 chartered US chapters (from Michigan to Florida) within the United Metaphysical Churches (Roanoke, Virginia, USA) www.UnitedMeta.com Our religion is federally recognized as Divine Metaphysics. UMC offers its member churches a four-year seminary program leading to ordination as ministers. In addition, our members can complete extensive training towards certification as mediums and spiritual healers.

 Our Senior Minister, Rev. Kevin Lee, was ordained Oct. 2013 through our UMC seminary program and installed as our Minister. He is a certified medium through the United Metaphysical Churches. He regularly gives lectures and demonstrations of platform mediumship within and outside the chapel. His passion within mediumship is the lost art of Precipitation Mediumship (ie, Bangs Sisters (US), Campbell Brothers (US), Hoyt Robinette (US).)

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