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Print Posted by Linda Green on 09/11/2016

Voyage Through Time

The soul group, which takes place weekly,  indicates a vision of memory. This vision is therefore connected with an emotion, suppling energy to translate reasoning. In order for this to take place one must acknowledge oneself.  We are extremely privileged within this group, to have a team of experienced worker's in the spirit realm's, allocating measures of wisdom to all. We have challenged our ability's and trusted our soul's.  In hindsight,  i would say  that each demonstration of worth holds a presence.  

In order for the challenge to take place i believe,  starts with allowing the barrier of fear to be erased.  In the presence of the soul lies the wisdom and knowledge, showing us that pain is the barrier.  Extreme confusion at times carrying us through the barrier, in order of helping us to let go. 

Within our weekly soul group, my spirit team adjust, connect, and involve all areas of knowledge relating to pain and commitment. We are thriving,  and acknowledge that the true belief of all, is recognizing that each individual submits their own experience of truth at any given moment.  My spirit team also acknowledge this.

As we are presented with this wisdom and knowledge, our barrier's are dismounted and placed before us, allowing an influx of carnage to retreat where possible. While this connection is taking place those present within the spirit realms, will divert and comfort you. They will speak to you direct through an instrumental flow of events taking place on another level. Each instrument suppling vision and clarity. This is a rememberance service after all. 

We are tuning in with other elements of truth, addressing the needs of all.  Each element connecting with and suppling the gift of life. Next time i write about the soul group i shall include the content of that group. 

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. Any feedback is always good.

Love Linda

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