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Print Posted by Sarah Tyler-Waltes on 08/26/2017

Sitting in Circle

Sitting in Circle

When we talk about developing as a psychic, medium or healer we usually use the term development circle. The reason for the circle is many - if you sit in a circle you can see each other easily; the circle is the purest and strongest of all shapes, energy flows around a circle as it makes a circuit. So when you want to develop you need to find a circle but where to begin.

Most Spiritualist Churches hold regular circles as do many professional mediums. Places like The College of Psychic Studies and The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain also run them. But, which is the right one for you? Always ask your own intuition and your spirit guides for guidance and direction. Ask to be guided to the right circle for your development. Trust that you will be.

How Do They Work

What happens once you are there? That depends on the circle and the teacher, some circles use mainly guided meditations to work; whilst others like the one I sat in use exercises working with the chakra system and spirit. Different things work for different people. You may find that you work with several circles during your development so you get a broader view on how to connect.

The wonderful thing about being in a circle is the group support and energy. Working with spirit takes energy and a group creates more than an individual making it easier to connect to spirit. When sitting in a circle giving energy to the group is an important part and this is done through intention. As you sit, say to yourself that you are sending energy to whoever is working, or

Practice, Practice, Practice

As you are all developing you can support each other in the process. Feedback is very important when you are developing as doubt is your biggest enemy. Keep a record of what happens. Often we do not see our own progress but going back over your records will help to show you how you are coming along. As well as keeping a note of the information and messages you have received from spirit. Most circle leaders will advise you not to work outside of the circle. However, once you are more advanced with your development you can start practising on your friends and family.

Remember every time you meet in a circle it is an opportunity to practice so make the most of it. Embrace the communication. Do not let fear stop you. Fear is often only a lack of knowledge so study. There are many good books around about becoming a medium or psychic, as well as, many biographies of well-known mediums. Read some of them. By reading another person's journey of development you will find that they have experienced many of the same things that you are experiencing. Understanding the basic mechanics of mediumship, for instance, also helps the process along.

"The Clairs"

When sitting for mediumship you need to get to know the “Clairs”. These are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience - or in English - clear seeing, clear hearing and clear feeling. I knew a lovely lady who sat for many years and said that nothing ever happened that was until someone explained that clairaudience was not only external sound but also thoughts that crossed your mind. She had spent years waiting for a voice outside her head when all the time they had been impressing her mind with words and thoughts.

Clairvoyance is clear seeing, this means seeing spirit. That can be anything from full 3D,

Clairaudience is clear hearing, this means hearing spirit. The loud booming voice from nowhere would be wonderful but most often it is thoughts in your head that are not your own. I have noticed that when I do hear spirit audible they are usually very loud. I reckon on those occasions they are shouting to get my attention. One strange thing about clairaudience is even though it is a thought that comes into your mind it is by your ear, almost like a whisper.

Clairsentience is clear feeling, this means feeling spirit. Many of us have this without even

Open Platform

As mentioned before practice is important and an open platform is a wonderful learning experience. Many Spiritualist Churches hold open platforms. These are events where people developing can come and demonstrate on a church platform to an audience of understanding people and working mediums. This gives the student a chance to work with people they do not know and to receive guidance and feedback from working mediums. Platform work is also a great way of learning the pitfalls and honing your gift. A church audience will test you more than your fellow students in a circle or your family.

So do not rush it. Study and practice but above all enjoy it!

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