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Print Posted by Cynthia A. Silk on 09/24/2016

Childhood Vision: 'Gus'

Childhood Vision:  'Gus'

One of the first visions I remember having as a child was of my dog Gus who had died several months before.

I was lying awake in bed late one night when my dog suddenly 'appeared' from nowhere, jumped on to the foot of my bed, came up to me and then vanished! I remember thinking at the time how nice it was that my dog had come to say goodbye.  I was not frightened at all, quite the contrary.   While thinking about his visit I closed my eyes and went to sleep. 

Many decades later I was informed by one of my Guardian Angels  that I had been visited by my pet to let me know that he had not died but simply crossed over into another dimension in time.  

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