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Print Posted by Sarah Tyler-Waltes on 08/26/2017

Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

When people speak about spirit communication their first thoughts are of clairvoyance and messages from loved ones who have passed away. Secondly, they think of philosophy and teachings that come through trance or

There seems to be some confusion about this form of spirit communication. Like most of the work of

As with all spirit communication, it can be for the personal development, another person or humanity as a whole. We can not dictate which as that was decided before we were born; we can, of course, choose to do nothing, but why would you? How often are we urged to keep a journal or diary, look at the web it is littered with blog after blog of someone's life. We write words as easily as we speak them so of course spirit will use this medium to communicate.

Automatic Writing is an umbrella term covering all levels of writing from inspired (the lightest form) to auto-script (done in deep trance). Perhaps it is the word automatic we dislike so much, perhaps calling it

It is also a great way to communicate with your guides in question and answers sessions with a notebook. Your own inner voice which gives you guidance and acts as your compass can also speak through the written word. We would all love to channel a famous poet or author but our spirit guides are those we have chosen to work with and are a perfect fit to our highest good.

It was written “The pen is mightier than the sword.” and I believe it is. Treaties are things of peace but they are held in the written word, as are laws and vows. They also say there is a book in each of us, but maybe not one that we write but instead one that we channel. Take a moment to sit with a pen and paper, clear your mind, ask one simple question - out loud or in your head - and just write what ever comes to you. You might surprise yourself!

Now do the same thing but this time ask your spirit guides to inspire you with the answer and just write what ever comes to you. This time spirit might surprise you!

Happy writing.

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